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Treat Yourself To Seattle’s Home Cleaning Service Once a Month

Seattle home cleaning service

We know life gets busy. Time flies and things that were planned get left undone.  We know that the world outside our doors is hectic and chaotic. Our home is truly our refuge. But what happens when our home is also overwhelming us? Piling up of dishes, laundry, and cleaning jobs can have us want to ignore all of these chores – making them worse in the long run.

Why not treat yourself to reliable home cleaning service every month?

We offer professional, reliable, and affordable home cleaning services throughout the greater Seattle area. Let our staff thoroughly clean and organize your home – and take of the scrubbing and wiping of any build-up that you may have.  We’d put up our seasoned and professional staff against any other cleaning company and know that we’ll come out on top. Our extensive training and quality of hiring provide you with excellent service every single time – guaranteed!

We Guarantee our Home Cleaning Service in Seattle

That’s right, we guarantee our work every time. We are so confident that you will love our cleaning and organizing that we offer a guarantee – every single time. While other companies may do a good job the first time, what we have found is that companies often cut corners and gloss over cleaning jobs the second time out. We never cut corners with our customers and provide the best, most affordable service every time.

Why We Still Remain Seattle’s Affordable Cleaning Service

We know that you work hard for your money. While having your home clean is a necessity, getting a professional service to clean can considered a luxury. So, we’ve tried to blend the two forces (affordability and luxury) into one great service. Our service and cost for home and office cleaning are among the most affordable rates in Seattle, especially when you include one of our regularly held specials.

We Value Your Business

At A Clean Sweep – Seattle, we know that you have your choices of cleaning companies. That is why we value our customers – every single one of them by providing them with the service they deserve and expect. We back up our service with a guarantee every time and offer competitive rates every single day. A Clean Sweep – Seattle, is a Seattle home and office cleaning company. We provide affordable home cleaning maid service to the greater Seattle area. We clean kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, windows, and more. Additionally, we also offer home organizing services as well. For more information, please contact us.