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Keeping Windows Clean

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Having clean windows makes a big difference in the look and feel of your home. Dust, dirt, and grime can easily build up over time giving your windows a dull and un-kept look. Even if you have a tidy home, dirty windows will give an impression of a house that needs a little more attention.

Eco-Friendly Way to Clean Windows Yourself

At We Clean Sweep – Seattle, we only use eco-friendly products to clean our homes. Professional grade eco-friendly products are worth their cost as we know that it makes a big difference in the long run to the health and safety of our clients and professional staff – not to mention Mother Earth.

When we clean your home, apartment or office we clean your windows. Many home owners, however, like to clean their windows in between our visits – some of them want to know environmentally friendly ways to clean your windows at home.

For a simple home window cleaning solutions. Simply add distilled vinegar to water into a spray bottle (1:10 ratio solution) and wipe with a clean rag, squeegee, or sponge. The solution works great for home cleaning – and doesn’t give off that caustic odor you may be familiar with when using harsh chemicals.


A Seattle Home Cleaning Service Offers Window Cleaning Services

We Clean Sweep – Seattle: We are a professional home and apartment cleaning service that serves the greater Seattle area. We offer professional and highly recommended maid service – guaranteed every time!

Serving All of Greater Seattle

There is no job big or small enough in the greater Seattle area. If you are interested in having your apartment or home cleaned, the give us a call. We often have “Move In” or “Move Out” cleaning specials. Much of our business is helping people get organized to either move in or move out of their residences.

For more information on the cleaning services we provide in Seattle, visit our services page. If you want to know whether your residence is with our “Clean Zone” simply give us a call today.