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Seattle Home Cleaning Services: This is What We Do –Part 1

We Clean Sweep- Seattle is a home and office cleaning service. We pride ourselves on the excellent cleaning work that we do for our clients all over Seattle! If you are interested in getting your home clean and organized – let us help! Dust pan for Dust pan we are Seattle’s most affordable home cleaning service.

Green Cleaning Service in Seattle

Here are just a few of the Seattle cleaning services that we do:

  • Dust All Furnishings within Reach – Yes!
  • Dust Ceiling Fans within Reach – Yes!
  • Dust Window Blinds – Yes!
  • Empty Trash – Yes!
  • Laundry – Yes!
  • Change Linens – Yes!
  • Vacuum Floor Surfaces – Yes!
  • Vacuum Furniture in Family Room – Yes!
  • Clean Sliding Glass Doors – Yes!
  • Remove Cobwebs – Yes!
  • Spot Clean Light and Outlet Covers – Yes!
  • Make Beds – Yes!
  • Tidy Up Rooms and living spaces – Yes!
  • Clean Out Fireplace (fireplace must be unused for 72 hrs) – Yes!
  • Clean Sliding Glass Doors – Yes!
  • Remove Books from Bookshelves and Clean Shelves – Yes!
  • Vacuum Furniture, if needed – Yes!
  • Clean Underneath Area Rugs – Yes!
  • Clean Baseboards – Yes!
  • Clean Woodwork – Yes!
  • Clean Window Interiors – Oh Yes!
  • Sweep Porch – Yes!
  • Sweep Garage – Yes!

And we clean with eco-friendly (green) cleansers! For more information on what we do, please visit Part 2 of this series.