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Seattle Maid ServiceKeeping our homes clean and organized can be a daily challenge. Whether you live in Seattle, like we do, or any other part of the country keeping your home clean and organize has proven to help your health, your mental game, and even your love life!

So, with all these benefits, why is it still so difficult to keep our homes and spaces as clean as we like them to? It really comes down to habit and time management. First let’s talk about our habits and our comfort level with our normal routine.

Keeping our homes clean does take work, but the hardest work is “realigning” our comfort zone and daily habits.

Start small and be consistent – Take 10 minutes every day to take a break and straighten out one section of your space. Take a few minutes to clean your desk, arrange your car’s glove box, or nightstand.

Don’t let things pile up – do the dishes or empty out the trash when it’s full. Letting the small things pile up can create overwhelming obstacles and barriers very quickly. Take care of those things quickly and as they happen.

Make Cleaning Fun – Put some music on, get the kids together and make it a challenge with a small prize, and give yourself a treat after a couple hours of cleaning will help to accomplish your cleaning goals.

Finally, if you need more help, simply call a good local cleaning company, like A Clean Sweep Seattle Home Cleaning.

A Clean Sweep is Seattle’s professional and affordable alternative for home cleaning.  We offer Seattle a green and eco-friendly home cleaning services in the greater Seattle area.  Clean your home with Seattle’s best maid service. Whether you are moving in our moving out and need help cleaning, give us a call today!